We couldn't be happier with our whole experience of JAS... They are a fantastic bunch, and the best aftersales support I've ever had .... With anything i've ever bought pretty much! 
They were a real pleasure to work with, endless patience, and always very clear and accurate with pricing. At no point did they change prices, or conceal costs to spring on me later. The fitting is extremely high quality and FAR more robust than most other options out there, and I did a lot of checking. We have been round Europe 3 times now with not one fixture breakage... And that is saying something!! 
The practical advice you will get from them will be absolutely honest and clear from my entire experience. As long as you know what you want, they will build it in... And if it's a bad idea they will advise you beforehand, then at least you have the option. It is worth taking their advice on design and fittings... They are doing it all day long and know what works and what doesn't. I found their advice invaluable when we were planning the layout etc, and it all proved to be right on the money. There isn't anything I would have done differently given the chance, we are really happy with all aspects of our conversion... Even after 17,000 miles over 3 years... In every climate... And we've been in a few!! 
As for all the boys in the company, they are solid gold, and I don't say that lightly ;-) 
Thankyou to Trudy, Beth and the whole JAS team, we could not be happier with our camper. It's clear that you take great pride in your work as the build is exceptional. The knowledge and advice you gave during the conversion was honest and helpful and it made for a totally enjoyable process. The after-sales service also has been great, thanks for being so accommodating and caring. Your levels of professionalism and dedication to providing world-class camper vans are second to none. 
We are delighted with our van and are looking forward to very many more trips! Thank you! 
G, K, L & G x 
I had been looking all over the country for some 18 months to find a converter that is flexible & open minded in the design of the furniture layout but above all I wanted a first class finish. 
Everything I have asked for has been carried out to a very high standard and the price has not varied from the original quote. I am a great believer in, you get what you pay for, and although I am probably the worst customer to ever walk through JAS's doors in terms of being a perfectionist they have accommodated every request without any huffs and puffs. 
If I'd recommend them then they are very worthy!! 
Julian Lodge